Continuing Our Journey in Discipleship

This week, we are excited to introduce our very own discipleship curriculum called Foundations. Designed to mirror Jesus’ method with His disciples, Foundations offers a structured yet personal journey, suitable for small groups or one-on-one study.

How Your Support Strengthens Our Pastors

As we spend time with pastors, we realize they are navigating through exceptionally challenging times. The church and our faith are being tested in many ways, both socially and politically. We are reminded daily of the critical role your partnership plays in supporting our dedicated workers locally and globally.

A Prayer for Your Pastor

How often do you pray for your church leaders and pastors? We want to challenge you to add them to your daily prayer.

Together on Mission: The Indian Ocean Initiative

Global Surge has invited Developing Workers to join the Indian Ocean Initiative (IOI), a strategic plan to mobilize global workers into every country bordering the Indian Ocean over the next five years.

Investing in the Next Generation

Ever wondered what coaching for pastors truly entails? It’s about diving deep into the challenges they face, providing support where it’s needed most, and guiding them towards growth and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Take the Next Step!

Locally, globally, and virtually, we are equipping leaders through one-on-one mentoring, providing foundational training, materials, and more.

Bible College in Kenya

Pastor Daniel Chai and the Kombe family have initiated a Bible college in Kakoneni, Kenya, dedicated to equipping future leaders for ministry.