Bible College in Kenya

We’re excited to share with you an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact in Kakoneni, Kenya, by supporting a vital initiative led by Pastor Daniel Chai, John Kombe, and Winne Kombe.

About the Bible College:

Pastor Daniel Chai and the Kombe family have initiated a Bible college in Kakoneni, Kenya, dedicated to equipping future leaders for ministry. This endeavor is a testament to their commitment to spreading the Gospel and nurturing disciples who will carry the torch of faith in the years to come.

Our Role in the Ripple Effect:

At Developing Workers, we have the privilege of coming alongside these dedicated leaders to encourage and equip them for further discipleship. One critical aspect of this support involves assisting with tuition costs. By helping these aspiring leaders access formal education, we contribute to the ripple effect that will impact not only their lives but also the communities they serve.

Navigating New Laws in Kenya:

With new laws emerging in Kenya, it has become essential for ministry leaders to obtain the necessary degrees to remain legal pastors in the country. Your support will directly contribute to ensuring these leaders receive the education they need to comply with the regulations while continuing their essential mission in spreading the gospel.

One leader, in particular, will not only share the gospel with others upon obtaining her degree but will also receive a 20% increase in her salary.

How You Can Make a Difference:

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey by contributing towards tuition costs for these future leaders. Your generous support will enable them to stay in school, complete their education, and receive the degrees required for effective ministry.

Ways to Get Involved:

Meet this dynamic group among the 20+ inspiring pastors set to embark on their transformative journey at the Bible college this month.

Join Us in the Ripple Effect:

Let’s be courageous together! By supporting the Bible college in Kakoneni, Kenya, we are actively participating in the ripple effect of discipleship that will touch lives and communities for generations to come.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a lasting impact. Together, we can empower these leaders and contribute to the growth of God’s Kingdom in Kakoneni, Kenya.

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