Celebrating 15 Years Strong!

Today marks a significant milestone for us:

As we reflect on this journey, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support and partnership we’ve received along the way.

To our donors, prayer partners, and supporters:

As we look to the future, we are filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead. With your continued support and partnership, we are confident that the next 15 years will be even more impactful and transformative.

To our cherished partnerships: 

Your collaboration and shared vision have been instrumental in driving our mission forward. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and expanded our reach beyond what we ever imagined possible.

To our friends and family:

Your unwavering encouragement, love, and understanding have sustained us through the highs and lows of this journey. Your belief in our mission has fueled our passion and commitment to serving others.


Today, we celebrate not only our achievements but also the profound impact we’ve had on the lives of those we’ve had the privilege to serve. Each milestone, each success story, is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our incredible community.

Join us in our 15-year strong fundraiser! We have a unique opportunity: a generous donor will match donations up to $50,000 until the end of this month. Your contribution can make a significant difference in reaching our goal and shaping the future of our ministry. Thank you for partnering with us to advance the Kingdom of God!

To donate, click the link here!

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