Leader Coaching and Development

Pastors and other ministry leaders are continually pouring themselves out to others in their community, but few have someone regularly coaching and building them up as they strive to disciple others. To disciple well, leaders need the security and encouragement generated in supportive relationships saturated with grace. They are battling discipleship poverty, yet they succumb to it themselves.


Discipleship poverty occurs when disciples cannot or do not make reproducing disciples. Lack of discipleship is not only a lack of spiritual resources, education, and tools needed to equip leaders to share the gospel message of Jesus, it is also a lack of mentorship, prayer and one-on-one accountability.  Developing Workers pours into pastors and leaders through life-on-life encouragement, coaching and development, and the empowerment to live out their specific mission, vision, and values.

Taking forth the gospel by empowering and equipping people to serve in their God-given strengths.

Learn Your Spiritual Pathway

Own Your Story. Discover Your Calling. Impact Your World.

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Own Your Story

Your story matters. And learning to own your story changes everything. We believe that uncovering your history-hurts, habits, hang ups and all-is a foundational step in developing as a kingdom worker. Jesus saved you and called you. God loves us as he finds us, that means we are free to admit that we are a mess and free to stop pretending we have it all together. The power of his forgiveness is magnified when we bring our mess to him and he covers it in the healing blood of Jesus.

Discover Your Calling

While God loves us where he finds us, his love is too good to leave us in our brokenness. He is calling us out of the grave and to step into the victory he has already won through Christ. Uncovering and owning your story is the first step toward being a kingdom worker because everything flows from your identity. Knowing who& whose you are–changes everything.

Impact Your World

God rescued and called you on purpose and for a purpose. We help kingdom workers discover their calling. Being a kingdom worker is an epic adventure and each person is on their own path. Through coaching, we help leaders develop their mission, vision, & values so they can identify how God has uniquely wired them for their unique adventure

Other Leader Coaching and Development Processes

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Helping leaders discover their passion and uncover their unique burden for ministry. They discover how to align burdens and passions to create their own mission.

Working with church leaders to develop a strategy for building their church through discipleship and understanding the multiplication method.


Internships Locally and Globally

We partner with local churches and ministries around the globe to offer an internship to equip and enhance emerging leaders. We offer hands-on experience in areas of interest as we partner with pastors, mentors and ministry leaders who will empower the next generation.

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