A Look into Discipleship Training

Did you know Developing Workers uses a variety of resources to mentor and disciple leaders? Dive into the inspiring discipleship journey of Michael and Anebi as we look at the profound impact of Value Cards – a resource that helps leaders discover their core principles. 

Michael, our founder, has been mentoring Anebi on his spiritual journey for a couple years. Anebi, one of our dedicated board members, works in tech and leads digital solutions for the State of Arizona.

Discovering Fundamental Beliefs

Coaching involves not only nurturing spiritual growth but also helping individuals discover how God has intricately wired them. In Anebi’s case, this journey included a crucial aspect—uncovering his core principles. Michael helped Anebi achieve this by using an essential tool: Value Cards. 

These cards serve as a catalyst in understanding Anebi’s character and priorities, delving into aspects such as:

  • What defines him as a family man?
  • The nature of his work and its significance.
  • How he invests his time.

Let’s hear first hand from Anebi…

“Mentorship has been a lifesaver and a blessing. As a leader, there are many pitfalls and it has been very helpful to have a mentor who can speak truth into my life and help offer a godly perspective. Using the Value Cards and praying about the contents has been helpful to wrestle with some preconceived notions and as affirmations of innate gifting.” 


How about you? Do you know your core principles and how they align with your purpose? As we celebrate Anebi’s journey, we encourage each of you to reflect on your own beliefs and purpose. Is God calling you to mentor someone? Or maybe calling you to find a mentor? Coaching is a dynamic and personal expedition, and through tools like Value Cards, we unlock the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives we touch.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and insightful perspectives on our discipleship training.

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