New Hope for Tanzania

Come along on a short but amazing journey with us and read about how God moved – and continues to move – in a community in Tanzania!

Join us in eradicating the cycle of injustices surrounding the beautiful community of Ketumbeine, Tanzania and seeing God’s Kingdom come.

Introducing: New Hope, Tanzania

This journey began in the midst of a somewhat typical Mobilize Medical clinic visit to Tanzania.  On that trip, discoveries were made during community screening processes that turned to rescuing two women from abuse and trafficking. This has evolved into a challenge to end the exploitation of young Maasai girls and to begin discipling an entire community for Christ.

Together with our ministry partner, Pastor Peter, and the community of his church, Developing Workers is helping build a foundation where discipleship can flourish.

Will you come along with us?

Local pastors, church members, and community leaders meet with Developing Workers to continue finalizing plans for New Hope.

Since inception…

Over these past months, Pastor Peter and those involved in launching New Hope have been hard at work.

Upon breaking ground on the 10 acres of property acquired, the church built the first 2 rows of a Maasai fence to establish New Hope which are now sealed securely. 

Developing Workers sent Pastor Peter to visit a vision-casting ministry partner, Pastor Mulenga in Zambia.  Peter soaked in the mentorship and input Mulenga offered by touring Christ Life Church, Zambia.  He learned more about their feeding program, slum ministry, safehouse, and church’s community for prayer.  He has since returned to New Hope, prayerfully seeking how to apply similar strategies for community outreach and church discipleship.

Just like Barnabas in the Bible who was known for his encouragement and support, Pastor Peter’s church has launched a Barnabas Initiative to their community.  Through weekly gatherings, guided by devoted leaders who have undergone apprenticeship training, this vibrant ministry will continue to uplift and support one another while actively engaging the community and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Prayer is an integral part of this initiative.

New Hope is a picture of the work of discipleship built from the fabric of Developing Workers blossoming with good fruit!

The pastors’ discipleship training, mentorship and development of ministry leaders, and service through medical clinics have all played a role in bringing this project to light.

If you’re moved by the plans and progress of New Hope, we invite you to get involved!  There is continued planning and preparation ahead as both our team and our ministry partners are seeking out those who will help invest locally through generosity and overseas through their gifts and talents.

Our Mobilize Medical team – which exists to be a bridge between the church and its local community through the medium of medicine and physical care – continues to walk with our New Hope ministry partners and the communities in need in Tanzania.  Would you like to see firsthand for yourself?  Join us next June!

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