New Adventures with DW!

Michael and Matt are making waves at the Global Surge conference this week. They’re diving deep into networking and connecting with pastors from all corners of the globe.

Take the Next Step!

Locally, globally, and virtually, we are equipping leaders through one-on-one mentoring, providing foundational training, materials, and more.

A Look into Discipleship Training

Coaching is a dynamic and personal expedition, and through tools like Value Cards, we unlock the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives we touch.

Why This Work is Important

The needs of the church are ever-present, and a pastor’s job is often immense. Pastoring the flock.  Shepherding hearts and minds.  Sharing the gospel.  Spear-heading spiritual transformation.  Discipleship.  Leading church staff with care.  Casting vision. In these days and times, even the secular world recognizes that pressure on pastors has increased and burn-out is on […]