Why This Work is Important

The needs of the church are ever-present, and a pastor’s job is often immense.

Pastoring the flock.  Shepherding hearts and minds.  Sharing the gospel.  Spear-heading spiritual transformation.  Discipleship.  Leading church staff with care.  Casting vision.

In these days and times, even the secular world recognizes that pressure on pastors has increased and burn-out is on the rise.

That makes our work at Developing Workers all the more necessary!

“Amid fights about masks and vaccine mandates, to how far religious leaders can go in expressing political views that might alienate some of their followers, to whether Zoom creates or stifles spiritual community, pastoral burnout has been high.”

In December 2021, the Washington Post stated, “A Barna survey of Protestant pastors published last month found 38 percent said they’d considered quitting full-time ministry in the past year.” 

“The past few years have jostled and rocked the labor market overall, with many millions losing and changing jobs either by force, by choice or a combination of the two. But some research and anecdotes suggest this period is a crisis for American clergy.”

Pastors and other ministry leaders are continually pouring themselves out to others in their community, but few have someone regularly coaching and building them up as they strive to disciple others.  It’s no wonder that many are struggling.

Developing Workers responds to this need and pours into pastors and leaders through life-on-life encouragement, coaching and development, and the empowerment to live out their specific mission, vision, and values.

As you pray for these pastors who are weary and burnt-out or contemplating a career change, please pray specifically that they will be restored and see clearly the calling the Lord equips them for.  

Pray for our team who mentors and coaches pastors and ministry leaders, that their ministry to care for these leaders would bear good fruit and trickle outward into the communities of these pastoral leaders.

Pray for your pastor and church leaders, that they would be encouraged and affirmed in the direction God is leading them, that they would find great rest and care for their own needs too.

And if you know of a pastor or church leader in need of care, feel free to send them our way!  www.developingworkers.com

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