New Adventures with DW!

Michael and Matt are making waves at the Global Surge conference this week. They’re diving deep into networking and connecting with pastors from all corners of the globe.

Their main focus while at the conference is to explore opportunities to expand our discipleship materials into different languages and to offer support and encouragement to the leaders they’re working with. 

Matt and his wife, Onalee, had the chance to meet with Pastor Rasul and his wife Arianne, who are partners with Developing Workers in Cambodia. They’re dedicated to planting churches and reaching out to young adults from Buddhist backgrounds.

Another incredible story from Matt, who met up with Rein from Cambodia. Rein uses the discipleship training materials with his church planting, 

“…the people from the community came with a lot of questions about the bible. Your discipleship training material enabled up to empower the young people and their walk with the Lord.” 

-Rein, Cambodia

Could you please join us in prayer for clarity and direction for the future of Developing Workers? Also, for fruitful partnerships in countries like the Philippines and Kenya.

Thank you for your continued support!!

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