A Look into Discipleship Training

Coaching is a dynamic and personal expedition, and through tools like Value Cards, we unlock the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives we touch.

Bible College in Kenya

Pastor Daniel Chai and the Kombe family have initiated a Bible college in Kakoneni, Kenya, dedicated to equipping future leaders for ministry.

Embrace Courage

In a world that demands resilience and daring choices, we believe that courage is the catalyst for transformative experiences and meaningful growth.

Year end goal update!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support throughout the year.

A Gift that Multiplies

Developing Workers has mobilized ministry locally and globally with many blessings from the Lord – and we need your continued help to move ahead strong for the future.

Walk the Steps of a Clinic with Us

Experience clinic through the firsthand stories of trip volunteers as some share what it’s like to walk a patient through each station – and to see the Lord move!

Pastor Spotlight

Do you know who is discipling and personally investing in the pastor of your church? Hear firsthand about the impact of DW’s coaching and mentorship in the life of a local pastor and friend.

Meeting Needs for Discipleship

Meeting Needs - discipleship is up-close, personal, and over time

What happens when disciples of Christ don’t also make disciples – when modeling, training, and the care of a mentor are absent? Discipleship poverty.
What does discipleship poverty look like?
Shallow faith. Lost and misguided souls. Broken lives and broken relationships with God and with people.
Developing Workers Global exists to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples, and in order for discipleship to flourish, new disciples ought to also make disciples.

Continue to Serve – Join Us!

At Developing Workers, we strive to empower pastors and their churches to thrive and reproduce.

Global pastors who serve in impoverished regions face the need to discern when to help meet the basic physical needs of their communities and also how to disciple them spiritually.

As an answer to this tension in areas where both the physical and spiritual needs are great, Developing Workers began Mobilize Medical.

The Need for Training

Did you know that research shows only 5% of the world’s roughly 3 million pastoral leaders are trained for ministry and have access to the resources they need to grow?*