Steady Refuge

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him” – Nahum 1:7

The world as we know it in our modern day has surely faced trouble of late. God hurts with those who hurt and rejoices over those who turn to Him amidst trial. We are walking steadily in ministry, praying for you and placing our trust in the One who sees and knows and guides. He is our refuge. May you find your refuge in Him day-by-day!

Celebrate with Mobilize Medical as we are finding new ways to connect and encourage our partners abroad. This week, we continued forging the way as we met by a Zoom call with Honduras to hear the reality of their circumstances and uphold one another.

Pray for Mobilize Medical as we are prayerfully placing the plans for summer trips on hold. Due to the travel restrictions and health concerns connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must reevaluate trips this year and remain flexible as news is everchanging. Please pray for wisdom in navigating these decisions as it impacts our staff, volunteers, and the communities overseas that we serve.

Pray with us for each of our partners on the ground overseas as the impact from COVID is devastating so many economies – that they would have wisdom, understanding, and discretion as they navigate ministering to their congregations, communities, and in the schools they partner with.

Celebrate with Foundations Training because even amidst current struggles, there is much to praise God for! We are launching of the new Developing Workers Foundations YouTube channel! We look forward to seeing international leaders connect to this new resource we are providing that has subtitles in both English and Spanish.

New partnerships are emerging even in global crisis! One such partnership is completing translation for all our discipleship material into a new Indian language.

Celebrate with Coaching as we have remained active even in spite social distancing. Now, if not more than ever, walking together in truth and encouragement is critical for fostering health, growth, and maturity in Christ. Coaching locally and globally continues by phone, WhatsApp, and other media. We are forming a new normal for whatever time span is needed in order to engage leaders and help them engage those they minister to.

Pray for Foundations Training and Coaching as we walk alongside churches and non-profits, encouraging them and helping them know the mind of Christ as they navigate the future.

Celebrate with Prayer and Evangelism to join us in welcoming the newest addition to our staff! Peter Zaffos joined Developing Workers staff this spring as our Director of Evangelism and Prayer. We are so grateful he is with us and look forward to seeing the many ways God uses Peter’s unique giftings to bless leaders and churches locally and globally. Peter’s work has already begun as an evangelism training is being planned with a local church now.

Pray with us as Peter and his family raise support for his salary. If you are interested in joining their support team, visit

God bless,
Developing Workers Team

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