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The Digital Church

As the world around us in every home and every nation is directly impacted by the Coronavirus, we trust during this season of unknowns that God our Father is near and ministering to you. The Developing Workers staff cares about you, and we are praying for you!

The Digital Church

Surely none of us would have predicted 6 months ago that we’d see our churches unable to meet in-person on Sundays each week. While the threat of COVID-19 has meant closed doors to church buildings, we still praise God that the work of the Church is not stalled. In fact, for many parts of the world, the “church” has come into our homes and is even more accessible in some ways thanks to technology. That is praiseworthy!

On the other hand, there still remain a number of challenges to being the Digital Church. Developing Workers is working hard to develop more of a digital community in addition to our norm of being up-close-and-personal with pastors locally and globally. This entails moving several coaching calls to online Zoom calls or phone calls. It means locally connecting with pastors as they’re in a changing world and faced with the challenge of setting up online church to reach out each week. They’re searching out new and meaningful yet safe ways of serving their congregation and community. Phone calls, phone texts, emails, and other tools to connect with their people are the precedent during these days of quarantine. We are fervently continuing the ministry of caring for and encouraging these beloved pastors.

It’s a very stressful time for pastors. Giving in churches is down. They don’t always know how utilize their various staff members or how to pay them. We’re praying and will continue to pray for the local churches and how they do ministry, how they do community in these unique days. Join us in that prayer effort. We’re studying and working hard to learn the best means to minister to the local church through technology, aiming to help pastors discern what’s best for the needs of their churches.

Most of the global communities Developing Workers is directly impacting are doing fine during this time. Some are struggling with the effects of COVID. Pray with us for the global churches we connect with as they navigate what it means to be a light and to remain safe amidst the pandemic, that God would go before them. Often their realities are different than what we face as simple tasks such as washing hands in third world countries present logistics that are sometimes difficult.

Travel Updates

While we cannot know right now when we will travel again for sure, our staff and teams are hoping to continue on with travel plans at the end of May. We are still planning on our scheduled summer and fall trips. Please pray with us for the discernment necessary to navigate such decisions. We want to handle the details with wisdom as well as with great hope for healing and victory over the pandemic.

Some donor housekeeping while we’re staying home….

Are you connected to your donor portal? Did you know there’s a way for you to check and monitor your own giving toward Developing Workers?

If you already partner with us financially but have not registered with an account called a donor portal to view your giving history or manage recurring giving, we encourage you to do so today!

Amazon Smile

Did you know there’s a way to financially support Developing Workers without any extra expense to yourself? Many of us are staying home and doing our shopping online at sites like Amazon.com. If that sounds like you, all you have to do is visit here to designate Developing Workers as your charitable organization and continue shopping Amazon as normal.

God bless,
Developing Workers Team

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