Responding to Crisis

Our nation is hurting, and the world is watching. We ask ourselves, “What is our role as believers in the midst of times such as these?” Locally, coaching conversations with Developing Workers have had a focus on racial reconciliation even before recent days. However, these conversations have increased of late as we are walking with local leaders in the pursuit of peace-making, repentance, and reconciliation. God’s heart for the reconciliation of relationships is central to the gospel and is included in our discipleship. May we all seek God’s shalom for our cities, communities, and relationships in these days. If you imagine you or your church leadership could benefit from coaching, please let us know!

Crisis Fund

Our work at Developing Workers spans the globe, and while travel has been restricted these past 2 months due to COVID-19, God continues to give us opportunities to reach out and actively serve the global communities we’re a part of. The effects of the coronavirus spread far and wide, and our partners in areas of great need like Kenya and Honduras need our help.

With severe threat of starvation due in part to illness and even more so to the devastation of crops and livestock from the pestilence of locust swarms, our Kenyan pastors are reaching out to Developing Workers to help feed even their own families. Our Honduran partners are calling on Developing Workers, sharing the extreme impact something as simple as the provision of cell phone data can have on an impoverished community in isolation.

We’re answering these calls! Thanks to our generous supporters – many whom have given in memory of a beloved friend of the ministry – we have already sent more than $3,000 to provide aid to these communities on the field in such a short time. And the work isn’t done. To learn more and be a part, visit our Crisis Fund page today.

Miracles Across Miles

More than 10 years ago, we met “Daniel”. He was a student healthcare worker at a training with us, and even back then, our relationship was special. Our team was involved in training local workers in Kenya like Daniel to be first responders so they might be the hands and feet on the ground long after organizations like us have gone. Daniel could not read, nor could he see well, so being a successful student at this training was more than challenging. He gave it his all, and our team walked beside him. By Friday, we all praised God to see Daniel having success and specially to see his grateful heart in the midst of it all. Over the years, our team remained connected through other partners on the ground and by email exchanges with Daniel. We often reacquainted and could bring him back up to speed in his training on visits back to Kenya.

Fast forward to 2017. Developing Workers returned to Kenya, this time to the barren and indigenous area of Turkana. Meeting Daniel in this remote, hard-to-access village shed light on his humble tribal roots. Along with his wife and children, they hospitably opened their home to our team’s visit – excitedly sharing their special treat of “dum dum” lollipops from a kiosk that barely contained more than hand-ground flour and spices. We learned on this visit that Daniel was not well. Daniel contracted a systemic and debilitating form of tuberculosis. And there was absolutely nothing near him to help nurse him to health.

In the years of our friendship, Daniel had never asked for anything of us. He gratefully and willingly took part in learning and serving. However, it was clear that when a humble plea for help came, Daniel truly needed support. Daniel needed $900 to finish his treatment at a hospital he traveled to for care. The Developing Workers team answered the call.

Today, Daniel shares his testimony of healing. “Firstly, I thank God for healing me, and I have recovered from illness. I thank you for the financial support you offered to me that helped me to pay the pending hospital bills. I thank you my friend for your day-to-day prayers… Let the glory, praises, and thanks be back our everlasting Father. I am also praying for your family and your country in this hard time of Corona COVID-19. May the blood of Jesus Christ cover you, your family, and your country. I believe in prayers, and I hope the team of believers will win the battle in Jesus name and we will be conquerors. I have sent my photos for you to see what God did to me. I say it is a miracle. I was [in] a wheelchair. Sitting was a problem. Standing was a dream to people but to God wasn’t. People worried most, believing that I can’t be able to get back to my normal health. God has done it, has healed me. Thanks, praises, and glory be back to Him.”

Today, it is exciting to know Daniel continues to devotedly lead his church team in discussing programming through these tough times around their community and nation. God makes him able, and He has used the service, prayers, and support of His Body to do great things.

Thank you for being a part of the work God is doing with Developing Workers globally!

God bless,
Developing Workers Team

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