No Luggage in Zanzibar

Our wonderfully larger-than-usual Zanzibar team travels in a variety of shifts for the September medical mission trip there, and our first group has just arrived.

Unfortunately, their luggage has not.

Would you pray with us for the arrival of all necessary luggage, safe travels for the team, and the valuable details of the trip?

15 Bags Missing & Prayers Needed

The first group of our Zanzibar team arrived safely!  But they’re missing the 15 bags they checked-in.  Will you pray with us for the bags to arrive tomorrow without any issues?  Our team needs their belongings as well as the many materials necessary for the medical clinics they will run.

The next 2 travel groups of Zanzibar team members will leave from Phoenix over the next 2 days.  Will you pray for safety in their travels as well as the arrival of their additional luggage?  We are sending a large team of 34 people!

Will you pray for the team as they arrive and begin to serve?  Pray for strength and endurance, for unity of the Spirit and love for one another, for a clear lead from the Lord in each of their interactions with locals through the clinic.  May many of the over 1,000 Tanzanian people expected find healing in body and soul, coming to worship Jesus in Spirit and Truth!

Mobilize Medical is the medical outreach component of Developing Workers. We partner with churches around the world providing much needed medical care in impoverished areas. As we host medical clinics, we are drawing in the community so the church can connect with people in the area and share the gospel. 

Read more about opportunities with upcoming trips or donate to Mobilize Medical today!

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