Praise & Prayers – Zanzibar and Cambodia

We praise God for the work He has done through our current teams in Zanzibar and Cambodia.  Read on to here these reports and continue praying!

Zanzibar Reports and Continued Needs

Thank you for praying for the arrival of our team members and luggage.  Everything and everyone arrived just in time!

Knowing that our teams are serving out of Bible-teaching Christian churches in a predominantly Mu$lim region, it is a wonder that our clinics have had lines awaiting their turn to enter the doors of these places of worship. 

The churches that have faced persecution and mild disdain at-best are now serving and blessing their communities in a new facet via Developing Workers, drawing in members of the community by the dozens.

A patient has had access to 3 main services from DW at the Mobilize Medical clinics:

– Medical evaluation (including any vitamins and pharmaceuticals determined necessary that we have on-hand)

– Screening for high-risk lifestyles of abuse and human trafficking (CSI)

– Prayer and spiritual counseling, where the Gospel is shared and a patient can be prayed for one-on-one

Each of these facets have been utilized in many of the lives of Tanzanian people coming for care.  Our team reports:

“Our Mu$lim friends are giving their life to Jesus!  We are pairing them up with our CSI “Heroes” who have been trained to go through the Restoration workbook.  One lady named A**a yesterday took her role very seriously.  I was excited to see her go and talk with the three Mu$lim women who gave their life to Jesus and make plans to meet with them this week.”

Pray for the team as they finish strong in their final day of clinic and in wrapping up details with ministry partners.

Pray for the pastors who stay behind to continue the work amongst their people, that they would remain emboldened, encouraged, and empowered in the Spirit of God.

Pray for those who have made new commitment to surrender their lives to Jesus.  Pray they would grow and flourish, becoming devoted to His Word and His Way.  Pray for their guidance and protection as the implications of making such a commitment comes with great sacrifice in their culture and region of the world.

Cambodia Reports and Continued Needs

We are praising God for the 65 leaders in Cambodia who have gathered for Foundations Training in how to multiply discipleship in their communities and churches. 

It is powerful to hear the testimonies of young leaders who grew up Buddhist and are now preparing to plant churches in rural communities throughout Cambodia!

Our conversations on caring for the leader’s heart spiritually was a powerful moment to see leaders commit to not only leading others but also nourishing their own souls.  

Pray for the very real opposition these leaders and church planters face.  Cambodia is only 1% Christian and many of these leaders showed up to training very weary from not seeing fruit in their ministry.  

Please continue to pray this will also be a week of restoration and healing for these leaders.  God is at work in Cambodia!

Mobilize Medical is the medical outreach component of Developing Workers. We partner with churches around the world providing much needed medical care in impoverished areas. As we host medical clinics, we are drawing in the community so the church can connect with people in the area and share the gospel. 

Through Foundations Training, we provide free training workshops, free discipleship material, and ongoing coaching and mentoring to help pastors identify and equip leaders in their churches who will help multiply a disciple-making movement through their church.

Read more about opportunities with upcoming trips or donate to Mobilize Medical or Foundations Training today!

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