Kenya Transformation Reports

Our most recent Mobilize Medical trip has come and gone, and the report of the time in Kenya is astounding!

Over 1,000 patients were seen.

35 new brothers and sisters made a commitment to follow Jesus with their life.  The local Kenyan pastors did all the spiritual counseling, and we were simply there to bring in the community and support their work.  God blessed it with new life!

More than a dozen at-risk people were identified and paired with a local Kenyan “HERO” through CSI (Community Safety Initiative).  They will not have to face their days alone!

Physical needs were met through physical therapy education, deworming protocols, vitamin and pharmaceutical distribution, immunizations, and HIV testing.

Praise God with us for all this incredible fruit and the many  additional seeds planted.  Hear firsthand a miraculous story from the time!

Transformational Healing

by Paul Cords

“Our trip mission statement was transform. 

A true transformation happened right in front of my eyes – it was nothing more than a prayerful consideration on the grounds of our clinic, and then a simple statement. 

An elderly woman walked on to campus hunched to 90 degrees, walking with a cane and not without assistance. She had no family members in attendance at the beginning, but by the time she got through to Greg as an examiner, she had a friend close by to help her. Dr. Greg approached me asking if I “thought there was something we could do for her today” and my instinct is always, of course we can talk to her and try. 

About 10 minutes later he had finished his exam and walked her over to the chair at the physical therapy tent. I was with another patient, and she waited for my interpreter, Solomon, and I to finish. We walked up to her and before even looking at her paper or introducing myself, I said to her and Solomon repeated in Swahili, “Stand up and put your chest to the sky.”

And she did. 

Zero hesitation, zero restriction, and the biggest smile of the day. 

It was nothing profound in words, nothing labored in laying-on of hands or intercessory prayer. Just simply telling her to stand, and God worked through those words immediately. Hallelujah!”

Whether you go or send, you can transform the lives of people around the world through the gospel. Developing Workers Mobilize teams go all over the globe, training church leaders and offering medical care to the places where help is needed most.

Join us! Or support a volunteer financially today.

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