Being Fully Seen: A Testimony

Pastors and other ministry leaders are continually pouring themselves out to others in their community, but few have someone regularly coaching and building them up as they strive to disciple others.

To disciple well, leaders need the security and encouragement generated in supportive relationships saturated with grace. They are battling discipleship poverty, yet they succumb to it themselves.

Developing Workers is here to walk with, minister to, and build up these leaders, intending to refresh them and empower them for their important work of ministry.

Read a firsthand experience from an Arizona pastor after returning from a pastors’ retreat and reflection time with DW’s Michael Parker.

Fully Seen

by Ryan, from Scottsdale, AZ

“Who knew just how life-giving a 24 hour retreat with a bunch of strangers could be?  

Being a pastor, I’m used to being on the receiving end of someone’s life-story and testimony.  Showing empathy to others and speaking truth against the lies their souls had embraced about their identity is one of the privileges of being a pastor.  

However, to get away from my normal routine and actually be invited to share my own deep scars, hurts, and regrets was a new experience – Not only sharing everything that weighed my soul down, but to be fully seen and accepted for who I am by other brothers in Christ.  

To have other godly men speak truth against the lies that I myself had embraced was such a life-affirming and healing practice.  

Reading a book about “Confessional Communities” is helpful, but participating in this group was life-changing.  

Thank you (Developing Workers) for allowing me to be part of this retreat!”

Developing Workers pours into pastors and leaders through life-on-life encouragement, coaching and development, and the empowerment to live out their specific mission, vision, and values. Are you a pastor in need of coaching or care?  Do you know one who is? Contact us today! Or support the ongoing work to build up Kingdom workers.

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