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Rooted in our mission to end discipleship poverty and fulfill the Great Commission, we’re actively empowering pastors and leaders to cultivate multiplying disciples within their communities. Take a glimpse into how we’re bringing this mission to life, and don’t miss the opportunity to join us in shaping children into life-long disciples of Jesus.

Foundations serves as an essential tool for lifelong transformation, now available in 12 languages and growing thanks to your generous support. Not only is it utilized in our work with church leaders, but you also have free access to the materials for your own benefit!

What we offer:

  • Foundations Discipleship Bible Study: Dive into a comprehensive four-part series crafted to lead individuals through essential principles for spiritual growth.
  • Foundations Leader Training Guide: Equip pastors and leaders with the tools needed to effectively guide discipleship groups and mentorship sessions.
  • Workshops: Engage in group training sessions custom-tailored for pastors and leaders, cultivating a deeper understanding of discipleship principles and methodologies.

Whether you’re embarking on a personal journey of spiritual growth or seeking to empower others through discipleship, Foundations provides the tools you need to make a lasting impact.


Join us in partnering with Kelly Ramsland and Pastor Peter in Tanzania as we embark on a transformative journey to help establish an Awana program. Through Awana and the local church, children and youth are not only introduced to the truth of God’s word but also experience the power of the gospel and the consistency of a caring leader, shaping them into life-long disciples of Jesus.

You can be a part of this inspiring narrative in Tanzania by helping us kickstart an Awana club in the New Hope community. We aim to raise $5,000 to cover the costs for initial leader training, essential materials for both leaders and children, and continuous support. Together, let’s invest in the future generation and nurture them into faithful disciples of Christ.

To donate, click the link here!

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