Did you hear?

What if we told you that you could support Developing Workers financially and get a tax write-off at the same time?

Thanks to a temporary IRS rule, Developing Workers donors are allowed to deduct a cash donation made before the end of 2021 on their federal income tax return for the year.  This comes in addition to their standard deduction*!  For the itemizers out there, this isn’t a new concept.  For those of us who take the standard deduction*, the benefits are great and unique to this year.

Don’t delay!  This temporary IRS rule for charitable contributions is limited to the 2021 tax year, meaning it’s credited to donations made by December 31, 2021.

  • Filing joint married, up to $600
  • Filing single, up to $300
  • In addition to standard deduction*
  • Could reduce adjusted gross income and taxable income

*If you’d like to apply donations made to Developing Workers on your standard deduction, find the cash donation on line 12B of your 2021 federal tax form.

Exponential Growth: Empowering and Equipping

Hear how Developing Workers is putting your contributions for the Legacy of Hope Loans to good use in Haiti!

“Thank you… for having thought to start… DW micro loans in Haiti at this hard time [as] we’re facing many challenges economically, politically… which is the right time to start, because there are a lot of needs in the communities for that.
All the glory be to our God who is our provider!”

Alongside our ministry partners who are on the field daily, Developing Workers is creating a means for small businesses in impoverished areas to sustain themselves and grow. 

Recently, our partner in Haiti connected DW to 2 friends who were aiming to grow their local business but did not have the means to do so on their own.  After walking them through the Developing Workers business training plan, our partner awarded these friends the DW microfinance loan to continue building a business venture that would both bless their community and provide for their families.  

He explains, “As for now, we are looking forward to move to the next steps by comparing their former business to their new respective ones just right after [receiving] training and funds from DW; as it is said: ‘Taking forth the gospel by empowering and equipping people to serve in their God-given strengths’.”   

Praise God with us for this outworking of the gospel and for partners who eagerly equip their communities for good work! 

Pray with us for this small business venture and those like it who yearn to see good fruit!

Legacy of Hope Loans are a part of the Developing Workers response to communities we engage following the 2020 pandemic. Small businesses worldwide were forced to close as a result of COVID, and many don’t have the capital to open again.  We want to bring these community leaders hope by offering them training and a microfinance loan.  Our local partners connect us and help train the business owners from the input of Developing Workers.  The small loan will help them run their business again, be an asset to their community, and provide support for their family.

This Haitian microfinance loan was made possible by friends of Developing Workers who give generously so we can empower and equip leaders to serve in their God-given strengths.

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