Counting Our Blessings

Did you know that the reach of Developing Workers in 2021 meant equipping close to 1,500 church leaders and community members worldwide – in person.  Hundreds more were reached digitally.  Now as these men and women implement and share what they’ve been given and taught, the impact continues!  God is blessing His church through DW, and we are blessed to be a part.

Our team is equipping global church leaders with:

  • leader development
  • leadership coaching and mentorship
  • biblical training
  • medical care to underserved areas
  • spiritual counseling
  • screening and follow-up for high-risk children and adults facing dangerous circumstances like trafficking and abuse

Help us continue the multiplication.

It’s the giving of faithful and generous friends like you that makes the ministry of Developing Workers possible.

Looking ahead to plans for further ministry in 2022, we’re working hard toward the goal of $50,000 before years-end. 

Your gift – great or small – will enable our team to continue serving global church leaders free-of-charge and continue engaging every effort to end discipleship poverty.

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