From Student to Co-laborer

Developing Workers is blessed with a rich community in the volunteers, financial and prayer supporters, and friends of the ministry. By God’s grace, we have grown, yet even since before inception of DW, God was orchestrating connection in community and discipleship.

Hear Isaiah McCoy’s journey with Developing Workers today.  We’re so grateful to see how God grew him from a student years ago to a well-equipped man who loves serving DW as a board member, operating fully in his giftings to bless the Kingdom of God.

How did you learn about the work of Developing Workers?

I have known Michael Parker (president and founder) and Dave Shrein (board member) since middle school/high school because we went to Grace Community Church together, and we reconnected when DW was being launched. 

How long have you been connected to DW?

I have been connected to DW for about 2-3 years. 

What compels you to be involved in DW and its oversight as the advisory board?

I believe that making disciples and ending discipleship poverty are so important for Christians here and abroad, and supporting the organization through my background in finance and administration is something that I really enjoy. I might not be on the front lines in Phoenix or abroad, but I want to contribute any way I can with the skills and training that God has given me even from where I live now in Florida. 

What hopes do you have for the future of DW?

I hope that DW can continue to grow its impact domestically and internationally. I also would love to see the organization develop more metrics and reports that can help current and prospective donors to see where we are headed and who we are reaching through stories, media, and numbers.

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