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Developing Workers invites pastoral leaders worldwide to train and equip themselves for discipleship, all with the heart to see an end to discipleship poverty.

Thanks to your partnership in prayer and generous financial support, these equipping opportunities are satisfied with Godly and mature trainers who are able to lead free workshops full of biblical resources and discipleship material.

Did you know a gift of $30 translates into a full curriculum of discipleship material?

Consider Developing Workers for your year-end giving. We’re 80% of the way to our year-end goal of $50,000 and need partners like you to help us equip leaders for more disciple-making around the globe!

This has been a year of expansion for Developing Workers in Ukraine. Read more about our most recent training opportunities!

With all our discipleship material and workshops translated into Ukranian, we launched in January via Zoom with Workshop 1 – a training that helps leaders create a disciple-making movement through their church.

This partnership between DW and Converge (www.Converge.org) has focused on the city of Rivne in Western Ukraine.

With the opportunity to travel to Ukraine in person, Matt and Onalee Swartz traveled to Ukraine in May and again in November to do Workshops 2 and 3. It was also a key time to build in-person relationships and connections with leaders in Rivne. Our vision to end discipleship poverty focuses on more than just training – it is about relationship building!

Throughout the trips in May and November, we were able to coach many leaders who are seeking to implement what they are learning. The leaders are hungry. Their discussions are energetic as they wrestle with how to see multiplying disciples as a personal responsibility.

In November, DW had the opportunity to train leaders for the weekend at a camp outside Rivne. The 33 leaders were trained in how to expand disciple-making by teaching believers to study the Word of God for themselves. There were expanded opportunities to engage leaders in conversation, especially with young leaders attending the training. We thank God for the opportunity to see a new generation of leaders at any training we do!

Because of concerns with Russia’s intentions with Ukraine, there is a season of opportunity for Developing Workers to be working in Ukraine, and we are seizing it! We are meeting with leaders in multiple cities to discover new opportunities for DW to invest in training leaders who multiply disciple-making throughout Ukraine.

Pray with us as we continue to train and expand throughout Ukraine. We are believing God for a spark to come out of our discipleship training that will ignite a flame of transformation throughout Ukraine!

Foundations Training is the equipping arm of Developing Workers. We send trainers around the globe, providing free workshops and discipleship material that build up current and future church leaders. Developing Workers is committed to helping pastors and leaders see their churches become prevailing forces for change in their communities.

These trainings were made possible by friends of Developing Workers who give generously so we can empower and equip leaders to serve in their God-given strengths.

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