A Developing Workers Update- October 2018

In August we were in Nigeria to coach and support Equal as One, a medical non-profit that Kelly Ramsland has been working with for almost a year. Kelly is a visionary and activator. She has been helping Equal as One solidify their mission of medical care for the people of Nigeria. Kelly has extensive experience with medical trips, which made her the perfect person to help them establish great practices and values for their trips. DW is all about developing workers to mobilize ministry; Kelly is all about mobilization.

Developing Workers Team in Nigeria

The partnership with Equal as One, as well as Nikki and JC will continue as we work together to make a difference around the globe. In just 3 days the team of 8 saw 800 patients and established a great relationship in the community that JC is from. Equal as One now owns a piece of property where they will build a health care facility and community resources.

God provided for this team in tremendous ways, from an overabundance of medication to truly working at an inhuman pace in order to meet the needs of this community. God’s power was present and visible. GOD IS GOOD!

Kelly is such an incredible asset to the Developing Workers team. She is incredibly influential in bringing our medical teams together, empowering each person on the team to walk into their personal greatness and proclaiming Jesus in the everything. She led the most recent team to India and Nepal working alongside ministry partners–One Child Matters.

They were serving in two communities by providing medical care and spiritual counseling. With the current direction the government has taken, the team faced some challenges sharing the gospel, limiting prayer and had to cancel a pastoral training. Please join us in prayer for the safety and the continued wisdom of those who are navigating sharing Christ’s love.

The team saw 1068 patients in India and Nepal and were able to train pastors and church leaders in Nepal. The medical care for the patients is so needed and valued but the encouragement for the national workers as they serve there every day has a significant impact.

Fun story of how God knows our needs and abilities far beyond what we can envision ourselves. Even the smallest details God has accounted for, so when one of your team members needed a passport photo printed on the spot, of course, God has already foreseen this need. One of the team members was randomly given a tiny travel printer to carry in her luggage, not really knowing what they may need it for, it was packed accordingly. Next thing you know, a tiny handheld printer is saving a day of travel. GOD IS GOOD!

Please join us in prayer for our upcoming Kenya trip! The team leaves in November to spend time loving, supporting and training local pastors. Please pray for wisdom, safety, and logistics as we move forward with this trip. DW is so excited for how God will work in and through this trip, as it has been a season of seeing God move in BIG ways. We cannot wait!

A Note from Michael

Our family is doing well. We are in the season of sporting events and travel which is always fun. The kids are doing well in school, and enjoy when they have a weekend or two with their college-bound siblings. We are excited for what the fall brings to our neighbors and community. Last weekend we had a garage sale to raise funds for travel. I cannot say what a blessing it is to have my family involved in DW through various trips and fundraising events. Knowing our family is committed to showing who God is all over the world, and to see God move in and through them is a blessing. I would ask that as the year-end is near, please prayerfully consider a year-end gift. You will be supporting the Parker family and the ministry of Developing Workers. We have a goal to raise 10K in one time gifts and increase our monthly support by $1300. I know this seems like a mountain–or it does to me anyway–BUT GOD can do this. He has always been faithful. Whether in prayer or finances, we graciously accept your support! Thank you, as always, for your commitment to our family and to our mission. We are blessed! GOD IS GOOD.

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