A Developing Workers Update – January 2019

In the last year, God has blessed us with many things to celebrate. A few of the things that are at top of mind today include:

  • We have coached 37 pastors and missionaries
  • We have trained 1,435 pastors and leaders globally.
  • We sent one pastor to Scotland as a missionary
  • We placed one of our mentored pastors as a vocational pastor.
  • We saw one Grand Canyon University student placed as an intern.

We also celebrate the 4,345 patients seen in medical and the 110 people who came to trust in Jesus. God is good.

How Michael’s Example Leads Others in Mentoring

Even as God opens doors across the globe, our commitment to continuing to develop workers locally is as strong as it has ever been. One of our DW beneficiaries is Rich Redel, the Director of ASU Navigators.

Michael Parker has been mentoring Rich for over 5 years and recently shared his experience working through the Developing Workers mentorship process.

“I’ve been mentored by Michael for several years now. Lately, I’ve been noticing how his example has helped me mentor the young men in my ministry. As a mentor, I have lots of weakness, but Michael has helped me see that I need to speak the truth in love despite my own weaknesses. Of course, he helps me address those weaknesses and take them to the Lord. It’s not always easy to hear the truth, but I am so thankful for his willingness to address the hard issues, this makes me such a stronger leader. Same with these young men I meet with, it’s not always easy for them, but that’s the process of being sharpened by iron. I’ve been seeing some strong men emerge through my mentorship.” –Rich Redel, Director of ASU Navigators

Developing Workers Michael Parker with Director of ASU Navigators Rich Redel

Michael Parker with Rich Redel, the Director of ASU Navigators. Rich has been mentored through Developing Workers during 2018.

Serving Nigeria In Partnership with Equal As One

During August we traveled to Nigeria with Equal As One, a start-up non-profit based in the Greater Phoenix Metro area. The Equal As One mission to give communities in rural areas of low income a better life by providing primary health care and education is very much connected to our heart of meeting the physical needs of unreached and underserved people.

The theme of Nigeria can be defined as God meets needs.

The partnership in Nigeria reminded all of those involved that God’s love is great and He forgets nothing – he pays close attention to detail.

Here are a few comments from J.C. Nwobodo, Founder of Equal As One:

“When most other people were reluctant to join us in going to Nigeria on our first mission trip as an organization, the Developing Workers family jumped in. They helped us organize a mobile clinic to ensure that the community we served got a message to know that they’ve not been forgotten, which is contrary to what it seems they hear each day from the world around them and from the country they live in. DW helped us plan everything from medication procurement to logistics and in doing all of this, they were very mindful of the goals we needed to achieve on our first trip as an organization. Truly we couldn’t have done the work we did without them. We were blessed to have served God’s people with them.” –J.C. Nwobodo, Founder of Equal as One

The Growth, Expansion, and Impact to Expect In 2019

God is good, and we are excited by what He has called the ministry of Developing Workers to accomplish in 2019.

This year brings awe-inspiring opportunities to send medical teams to Kenya, Haiti, and Cambodia. We are also expanding our pastoral training into Brazil and Cambodia and releasing our discipleship material in Portuguese!

We plan to translate our discipleship curriculum into more languages too. It is our hope to provide audio Bibles in various languages to pastors who do not read, as well as provide Bibles in various languages to pastors in need.

We will train pastors and offer medical care globally in 2019.

Along with our international efforts, we plan to impact the lives of 40 pastors in the US by coming alongside them for encouragement and transformation.

There is so much to be grateful for, so much to anticipate, and so much joy.

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