Matt Swartz Goes Full Time with Developing Workers

Developing Workers continues to grow at a rapid rate and the growth is global. We are excited to add the Foundations Global movement, a movement started in a local Arizona church, into the fold of DW. Dave Shrein, DW Advisory Board Member, recently talked with Matt Swartz, Director of Foundations Global, about Developing Workers and what God has been doing the last several months, not only in the ministry, but in Matt’s life.

The Birth of Foundations Global and the Future In Developing Workers

For almost 30 years, Matt and his wife, Analie, have been serving in local churches in California, Wisconsin and Arizona. When they got to Sun Valley Church here in Arizona, Matt was asked to head up everything that was happening internationally. Matt began to see that globally, the pastors he was working with did not have access to the same training and growth opportunities that were available to United States pastors.

Foundations Global was born for the purpose of training these pastors. The majority of world pastors would say that only 1 in 10 pastors globally has any training.  You can’t have a ministry that’s feeding orphans without having someone as equipped and prepared to lead, not just the physical, but also the spiritual and emotional. Every area needs an equipped, trained leader to manage those programs. His team saw a need to start training pastors, and started developing training workshops for international pastors and leaders, training 1,000 pastors a year.

After Matt reconnected with Michael Parker, they talked about this issue of international pastor training. Developing Workers was starting a new chapter. Moving forward together, they are growing into what is now this amazing movement. The rest is history.

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In this video, you’ll hear about the amazing journey of how God used a local church ministry to change Matt’s heart to have a passion for training pastors and leaders globally and to equip them to be more effective at what they do.

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