Why the Witch Doctor?

During our recent time in Zambia, we spent an afternoon with the local witch doctor.

Similar to Zambia, in many of the global communities that we serve we find the presence of a witch doctor.

Those serving this role are traditionally practicing, sacrificing, summoning demons, mixing potions, and misleading the community from a position of leadership.

However, we often discover there is a deep desire to do what they believe is actually “good” for their community.

Unfortunately, the definition of what is “good” is often misunderstood.

As they desire to be great leaders, we introduce them to the greatest leader there ever was, Jesus Christ.

Most have never heard the Good News.

We bring the truth of the Gospel, light into the darkness that has pervaded the minds, hearts, and traditions of these places.

There is hope for redemption!

While we were with the Zambian witch doctor, he shared how he builds altars, surrounds them with a trench, and then constructs a stick fence outside of the trench.

He told us he then sacrifices white chickens on the altar and eats them raw “without salt.”

Typically he invites people to join him in this.

He stated, just as other witnesses did, that a cow and a serpent appear from nowhere.

They then cry out for rain.

That day, after meeting with this man, he verbalized his gratitude to us for taking the time to seek him out.

Prior to meeting with us, he thought he was worshiping our God.

We helped him understand the ”spirits” he summons are not from the God of all creation but from Satan. He really desired to know the truth.

We shared with him the accounts of the fall of man up
through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He gave his life to Jesus that day.

We were able to gift our new brother in Christ a Bible he could listen to in his native tongue via a Proclaimer Audio Bible.

A gracious donor purchased 4 Proclaimer Audio Bibles for each country we will take a Mobilize team to this year. This new brother in Christ now has the opportunity to grow in his faith thanks to the provision of God’s spoken Word.

We also had the opportunity to connect him with the local pastor who assured us he will follow up with him.  The ripple of discipleship continues!

Pray with us that he will continue to grow in his faith and use his influence to direct others toward Christ. 

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