Seeing God Move


While reflecting on the anniversary of September 11 last week and the many challenges of 2020, it is difficult to think about how much hardship is in our world. Everywhere we turn these days, it seems like there is another terrible thing happening. But, in the midst of all of this, we also see our God moving and sending help. Our God is good. For that, we choose to be thankful.

Crisis Fund Thank You Letters

A few months ago, we reached out to you asking for your support to our Crisis Fund so we could help our partners in Kenya and Honduras. (To learn more and be a part of this, visit our Crisis Fund page.) We are so grateful how God moved through so many of you and we wanted to share some of the letters we’ve received from those you helped. Be encouraged as you read these excerpts. Your donations are making a difference in the lives of so many!

“We were at a starvation time, I and my family. You really saved [us]. We had no food, no money, no movement due to this COVID-19. Even churches were closed. Since the place had a hard life before, this time, it is getting worse. Thank you, for your remembrance.

I received a gift and I didn’t consumed I and and my family only. I shared with my vulnerable friends, church members who were vulnerable, old age, widows, orphans from the church. Thank you for standing with me.

We pray for you, your family and your country and the Developing Workers team. Read Jeremiah 31:9-14 the book that encourages and gives me strength at this hard time.”

“The COVID 19 has taught [us] to trust God for the impossible and see the reality of God working All thing for good to [those] that love Him. This was seen in the way the Developing Workers Team was able to share with us the lovely Gift. I thank God for this heart of sympathizing with us during this hard and challenging time.

Since the government of Kenya announced and abolished church service in March, we have not received the offerings and tithes the way it used to be.
But thanks be to God who has been faithfully providing all that we need and even to share with some needy widows.”

“Praise the Lord. Thank you for your lovely kindness, if all Christians were like you no one would have starved for food, shelter and medicine. I have seen the hand of the Lord working in the great gift you sent to me. May God bless you.”

“…[able to buy] a sack of maize, rice and beans. It has really assisted me with my family at this time of Corona virus. Thank you.”

“This was a miracle to us as I was in a difficult moment with my family due to the pandemic. Thank you so much for your support to me, my family and another family in my church which was in a hunger situation.”

“We are facing it very hard, no offerings to support pastors of which I being one of them. May God bless you abundantly for the gift you sent to me. It really helped me. I bought some food for my family and also helped other widows in the church.”

“I am thankful because the money helped me to get food for my family in this challenging moment of the Covid-19. I have as well been able to bless others, four families who were also not in a position to get food.

May our heavenly father bless you so much and may He fill where you reduced to support me.

Thank you so much.”

“I understand that there are many pastors who are struggling in this pandemic period but by the grace of God I became one of the beneficiary.

The amount you sent enabled me to cater for my house food for this month and I set aside some food stuff for some of my church members and for one total orphan who also depend on me in some difficult time like the one we are passing through.”

“thank you because of what you did to us. The only words we can say is “THANK YOU’’ in quotes and caps at least to represent the weight of what is in our hearts. THANK YOU AGAIN.”

“This is time I say again and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE GIFT YOU SENT TO US.

Although we are needy we have a neighbor who is very poor. After reading Deuteronomy 15:11 we thought of sharing the gift with them. The other group that we have every month shared our income with them are four orphans.

We have always trusted God to give us food so that we can share with them.


Thankful for Developing Workers First Mini Zoom Conference!

We are also so grateful how God moved in our first online Foundations training conference.

On Saturday August 29th at 8am we were ready to launch the first ever online conference and training. The conference, “Unidos en la Distancia” connected Spanish speaking leaders and was focused on how to lead well even through difficult times. We had leaders registered from Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Spain. We were excited and ready… And nothing was working!

The day before we had gone through a complete technology run-through and it was all set and ready to go. But now at 8am, leaders were logging in to a conference that we couldn’t get to work… and so we prayed-and God showed up in an amazing way.

Immediately after praying, we removed one cable and everything started working! And we launched into the conference and saw God do something amazing in the lives of the leaders that attended. They were encouraged, they were given tools to help them lead well in this difficult time, and they connected into a global conference right from their location. The conference and resources provided to these leaders was free as a direct result of your generosity! When you give, you are directly impacting every pastor and leader whose life our ministry touches.

We heard back from multiple sites that multiple leaders gathered together to watch the conference. We mentioned in the conference that we would be providing a free recording of the conference for them to share with others. The video was edited later that evening and by the next day, leaders were already watching the video replay! And because the conference video is housed on the Developing Workers Foundations YouTube Channel, more leaders globally have subscribed to the channel and accessing the other leadership videos available.

We learned so much from this experiment, and we had leaders ask when we are hosting another conference. We are now praying about what region/language group to host a conference for next. Pray with us as we seek to use this new avenue well to expand the message of multiplying discipleship.

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