Hear How to Support Foundations Training

Our Foundations team has faithfully answered the call of ministry partners worldwide this summer, training ministry leaders in disciple-making and meeting with many pastors and ministry partners. 

The paths forward in global efforts to train and equip church leaders for their roles in discipleship are being led by God’s Holy Spirit.

What’s more, numerous conversations with churches Stateside are afloat as local churches would like our Foundations team to consider training them!

The work continues, and the Lord graciously provides. 

Thank you for being the vessels to invest and catalyze this ministry! 

We could not do it without your help, and we have more opportunities even now for you to partner with our Foundations team specifically.

Trainings Across the World

Our Foundations team was on-the-ground this summer in Mexico, Zambia, Kenya, Poland, Spain, and Malawi.  And the summer will round out with an early September training in Cambodia

Hundreds have been impacted by the Foundations workshops this summer alone, and our prayer is that as church leaders return home to implement this training, entire communities may be shaped by the transformative power of discipleship.  Many report they already are applying what they’ve learned!

This work is empowered by charitable giving and fueled by your prayers.  Thank you!

Will you consider helping us meet a current need?

Our Foundations Director, Matt Swartz, set out to raise $15,000 to be able to respond to the many global leaders asking for training and mentorship this summer.  God is so big and so able to provide for the important work He calls us to.  Now our team is only $3,000 short of meeting that need!

Join our Foundations Summer Giving Challenge and help our team cover the final portion needed this summer!  

A firsthand story

” I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the Training of Discipleship and Evangelism. Thank you for making us your organization partner in the [work of spreading the] Gospel. I appreciate that you responded to our request for working with you. The training was so successful. The knowledge you gave to us pastors, evangelists, bishops, apostles and church leaders will contributing to the Society and serving our community.

All of this could not have been possible without the cooperation and all the support of you as our valued partner Developing Workers Foundations. We want to express our gratitude on your continued support and cooperation in this regard. This is great service to the Nation…

Many participants now have a hunger for Bible reading. We know the Holy Spirit and God’s Son better and this reading [helps] us to serve  [the one] true God and possess a solid faith and become victorious in our spiritual life.

Thank you for helping us through this wonderful and helpful training… 

I pray God will use you and your ministry to reach many souls for Christ till the end. May grace, peace, and love from our Almighty God be with you and your family and your caring team both now and forever and ever. Amen “

– Brother Clifford, Malawi

Developing Workers exists to equip leaders locally and globally for the work of discipleship.  We develop workers to mobilize ministry.

This work is both fueled and funded by friends of our ministry.

Thanks to our community of partners like you, all financial contributions quickly transform into pastoral training, service opportunities, coaching and mentorship, special projects in underserved communities, and impactful resources that all bring us one step closer to ending discipleship poverty.

We’re so grateful for you!

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