The 3 Arms of Ministry from Developing Workers

Get to Know Us Better

Consider: how’d you first come across Developing Workers? 

Do you know our founder, directors, or a member of our small staff?  Have you joined us on a short-term trip?  Have you been blessed by the free resources and mentorship as a leader yourself?

For some of us, it’s been a while, and we want to reintroduce ourselves to help you get to know us afresh.

Who are we?

We exist for you – the Body of Christ – and because of you.

Developing Workers was created in 2009 to develop ministry leaders who also mobilize ministry.  Over the span of the past 14 years, we have grown to have impact both locally (Stateside) and globally. 

We exist to equip leaders for discipleship that multiplies and to help make life in ministry sustainable.

We are a unique 3-arm ministry with the unifying goal to end discipleship poverty.

Leader Coaching and Development: seeing that pastors and Christian ministry leaders are continually pouring themselves out, often with a great lack of being built up and discipled themselves, Developing Workers responded with opportunities for their growth and encouragement.  Through life-on-life mentorship, coaching, development strategies, and the empowerment to live out their specific ministry mission, vision, and values, our team builds these leaders and ministries up – for no cost to them.

Foundations training: in response to the fact that more than 90% of the world’s church leaders have little-to-no training or outside resources to grow, Developing Workers created curriculum to guide pastors toward discipleship that multiples and a life that flourishes walking with Christ.  We offer these materials free online, and our team of trainers travels the globe to lead workshops teaching this material to pastors and ministry partners.

Mobilize Medical: teams of volunteers and DW staff travel to underserved regions of the world, aiming to bridge each community with its local church.  Together with our overseas ministry partners, we offer clinics of medical exams, nutritional assessments, community safety evaluations, a pharmacy, and spiritual counseling. Medicine is just a tool. Every patient has the opportunity to hear the Gospel, experience God’s love for them, and to connect with the church for continued discipleship.

This is all possible because of the many of you who invest in this work. 

You come alongside as volunteers sent worldwide to train pastors in our discipleship programs. 

You join us on short-term medical mission trips, serving arm-in-arm with ministry partners from churches abroad. 

Developing Workers operates on a 501c3 charitable status, and you generously empower our work through the investment of charitable giving.  

We’re so grateful for you!

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