From Friend to Co-laborer

Developing Workers is blessed with a rich community in the volunteers, financial and prayer supporters, and friends of the ministry. By God’s grace, we have grown, yet even since the inception of DW, this has been the case.

Hear Kelly Ramsland’s journey with Developing Workers today, our beloved full-time volunteer, board member, and friend.

How did you learn about the work of Developing Workers?

Back in 2009 when Michael Parker had founded DW, he was traveling and collaborating with the medical missions organization I was a part of, doing pastoral training. The conversation organically turned toward coaching and disciplining both locally and globally.

How long have you been connected to DW?

I have been a part of DW since its inception in 2009 and became a counterpart to Matt Swartz (Foundations) and Michael Parker (founder, Leadership Coaching and Development). With my background, I brought the medical piece to the ministry and inspired the vision to send teams that work alongside pastors being mentored and trained.

What compels you to be involved in DW and its oversight as the advisory board?

I believe in the mission, vision, and values of DW and have seen the direct impact locally and globally. Developing Workers leave a lasting impact; it doesn’t just change the lives of people DW is in contact with, but they, in turn, become world-changers and impact the lives of others.

What hopes do you have for the future of DW?

I would love for Developing Workers to become a legacy organization that continues the work locally and globally for generations to come. I’d love to see the infrastructure of DW Mobilize Medical be such that it is duplicatable. I envision that people could come on board and be trained and inspired to not only do what DW does now but then bring their own gifts and talents to take it forward to the next level and the next generation, impacting lives and leaders for the Kingdom, bridging the community to the local church.

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