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Recently, our President and Founder, Michael Parker, returned from a joint vision trip to meet with new ministry partners overseas. Hear about what he discovered from the field and what is inspired now:

“I was recently in Zambia with Christ Life Church and Pastor Mulenga. It was such an honor to be in the church community there and to learn about all the fantastic work they are doing. Mulenga’s story is truly remarkable, but that is only part of his testimony. I was so impressed with all he is doing, and I wanted to share with you my experience…

Michael’s Comments About

The Father’s House

This is such an incredible ministry to young girls who have experienced incredible trauma. Traveling with us, we had a licensed and experienced trauma counselor. She is from the US but has been working with the staff at the house over Zoom. She connected with the girls and affirmed the safety and health of the home they are in.

The Father’s house will forever impact the trajectory of the girls that have been rescued off the streets. The staff are trained, equipped, and empowered to care for and to lead these girls. They receive Bible studies and have heard the Gospel. It truly is an incredible discipleship opportunity.

Michael’s Comments About

The Chainda Children’s Center

\Wow! This ministry is so needed and valuable. Again, this is an incredible opportunity for leaders to use their gifts.

Pastor John, along with his wife and family, are living in the community to be the love and provision of Christ. It was an honor to be there with them as they sang songs, preached the gospel, and then gave them a meal.

This will change these kids’ lives, no doubt.

Developing Workers will be returning to Lusaka in April to work alongside the church with our Mobilize Medical team.

Our team has seen the impact of feeding programs like this around the world. I am sure we will see a dramatic difference in that community of kids who are coming to the feeding program and those who are not.

Those in the program will have a greater opportunity to grow up physically healthy, and it will impact their ability to learn and truly thrive in life.”

Multiplying disciples. Leadership development. Pastor training and encouragement. Equipping leaders with valuable skills. Education.

All these aspects are already in place and thriving in Zambia under the leadership of our ministry partners. Developing Workers shares these core values, and we see them as central to the end to discipleship poverty.

Stay tuned as we prepare for another trip to Zambia, Spring 2022, working together to empower our ministry partners in the disciple-making process!

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