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Discipleship and Partnering with Global Surge


Discipleship is at the heart of all we do at Developing Workers. Our organization exists to see leaders walking in their full potential, that they may be discipled unto the discipleship of others. We see that discipleship is all about mimicking the life of someone else.

Dallas Willard explains it as, “…the process of becoming who Jesus would be if He were you.” Jesus sent His disciples out with a charge to make disciples of all nations, and we see that it was AFTER He spent time training them.

Thank you for making a way for the training, the coaching, the discipleship to happen through Developing Workers! We hope you as our supporters know how important, valued, and cared for you are. Your participation in this ministry is vital and an encouragement to us at all levels.

Expanding and Growing

Developing Workers has been expanding and growing. God is using Developing Workers around the world in incredible ways, encouraging and influencing pastors around the globe, sometimes even through our partnerships with other organizations too.

While much of the fruit sown remains to be watered by workers and grown by the Lord, some is already clearly measurable. And it’s so exciting!

We have invested in over 4,200 pastors’ lives. Just recently, through an event Developing Workers is connected to, 774 young people came to know Christ!

Partnership with Global Surge

We are partnering with Global Surge in Kenya, Cambodia, and the Philippians  to teach discipleship. We were with Global Surge in Nairobi at the Braveheart Conference to encourage and follow up with the new believers in discipleship.

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