Church Impact Even in the Midst of COVID

In the fall of 2019, Developing Workers launched our Discipleship Training Workshop where we engage leaders in creating a disciple-making movement by committing to personal discipleship themselves. Our partner Pastor Gustavo in Madrid received the training with zeal. In February 2020, when we were back training in the next workshop, we listened to testimonies of people who began to intentionally disciple someone as a result of their previous training. Little did we know a few weeks later the entire world would shut down!

In the midst of Spain being on total lockdown, Pastor Gustavo shared it was the training in personal discipleship that became the strategy of the church to continue making an impact in their community, even though the physical church building remained closed. The church experienced such growth as a result of this shift towards a multiplying, disciple-making ministry that when they were finally able to resume in-person services, they needed to find a new building to meet in! Praise God for leaders like Pastor Gustavo who not only receive training, but also walk with their churches to implement it!

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