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Take a look at what each area of ministry is currently focused on, and praise the Lord with us.

Foundations Training

Developing Workers is committed to helping pastors and leaders see their churches become prevailing forces for change in their communities, making disciples who also make disciples. Through Foundations Training, we provide free training, free discipleship material, and ongoing mentoring to help pastors identify and equip leaders in their churches.

Currently, our team is celebrating the launch of Developing Workers in Ukraine. A joint partnership opened the door for our training materials to be translated into Ukranian.

Following a Zoom training last February, our team was able to make a 10 day trip in-person in May to facilitate a second workshop. This work is already bearing fruit as pastors are sharing stories of implementing discipleship in their lives, and discussion for launching more training centers in November is well on its way.

Mobilize Medical

Mobilize Medical is the medical outreach component of Developing Workers. We partner with the global church and pastors, providing much needed medical care in impoverished areas, all while providing a platform to assist the church in reaching their communities with the gospel.

Currently, we are exploring new partnerships in this season. Many of the countries we typically serve are still restricted due to COVID. However, we are also praising God for open borders and the ability to travel again!

A team returned from Tanzania the first week of June and is going back later this month for more follow-up. This fall, medical trips to Kenya and a return to Tanzania are also in the works.

Our team recognized the need for more field training, so we are equipping communities to identify and serve at-risk children and adults in the Community Safety Initiative. This will be a new extension of CSI, taught in workshops and integrated into the Foundations training leaders on the field receive.

Leadership Coaching

While local leaders have access to an abundance of academic and informational resources, many leaders do not have someone in the flesh equipping them to survive the gauntlet of everyday leadership, let alone thrive and grow as a leader!

We pour into pastors and leaders through life-on-life encouragement and coaching, empowering them to live out their mission, vision, and values.

Currently, it is a fruitful season of ministry for coaching! God is working out a theme of repentance and restoring faith with those our team is working alongside, both locally and globally. Pastors are finding a new passion for their calling and an excitement about their teaching and equipping.

We’ve had an opportunity to help a church navigate adjusting their staff around to be more fruitful, and they’re thriving. Our team is working together to walk alongside a church, coaching them through their mission, vision, and values. Men are being called into new places in ministry, and it’s exciting!

Several whom our team has coached have recently graduated with their extended education.  And our coaching is expanding to more leaders!

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