A Developing Workers Update – June 2018

The Developing Workers story has been growing since 2009 and there is a lot to share about what’s been happening. For those who have participated in trips, been involved in mentoring programs and spent time with those who are connected to Developing Workers, they are all well aware of the opportunities that have opened up in recent years. They are also well aware of how Developing Workers has expanded by merging with other organizations and bringing a complete line of evangelism tools and discipleship training underneath the DW brand.

For those who have been casual onlookers, there is much to get caught up on.

In this interview between Dave Shrein, DW Advisory Board Member, and Michael Parker, Founder of Developing Workers, you’ll discover the mission behind Developing Workers, the recent impact Developing Workers has had through medical clinic trips and pastoral training classes, and the upcoming adventures that God has opened the door too.

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