A Developing Workers Update from Matt Swartz

We have a new update from Matt Swartz, Director of Foundations Global at Developing Workers. This update was originally sent to Matt’s newsletter.

Matt Swartz Resigns from Sun Valley Community Church

When Foundations Global merged with Developing Workers it was only a matter of time before Matt Swartz would move to full-time Director of the work he founded in Foundations Global. That time recently came as Matt resigned his Sun Valley Community Church position of International Pastor after 19 years on staff.

Adding Matt full-time to Developing Workers means that we gain a gifted leader, trainer, recruiter, and developer of strategic partnerships. He has hit the ground running and we’re excited to share with you his recent work.

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Training In Mexico, Liverpool, and Poland

Seeing God as a global God is a very big deal. Recently Matt traveled to Mexico City to work with 60 pastors and leaders, training them with the skills necessary to live a balanced Christian life. The work is not done as there will be a return visit during the fall of 2018 to pick up where the previous visit left off, teaching Workshop 4 from the Foundations Global training program.

Developing Workers currently has an active presence in Liverpool, England and Poznan, Poland. In June, Matt spent time training the workers present in these areas and in July returned to debrief them on what they had learned from and through the people that had been placed in their care. The workers in these cities are young adult interns from Sun Valley Community Church.

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More Work In Florida and South Africa

In the coming months, Developing Workers is sending Matt to Florida and South Africa.

During his time in Florida, he will be meeting with Biblica, publisher of the NIV Bible, as well as working to translate our workshop material and curriculum into Portuguese. This will pave the way for Developing Workers to launch Foundation Global Workshops in the country of Brazil! YAY! The time with Biblica will also be a great opportunity to explore other ways to collaborate and partner together. We’ll see what God has planned!

And just when you thought the travel schedule was busy, Matt is traveling to South Africa to represent Developing Workers in partnership with Orchard: Africa to train pastors in the Foundations Global discipleship model.

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Hopefully, Matt will find time to breathe, spend time with his family and do some writing and long-distance running.

Raising Income to Support Full-Time Ministry Work and Prayer Requests

For the first time in 25 years of church ministry, Matt has stepped into raising his own financial support. So far, we thank God for already providing Matt with 55% of the funds required for his salary and travel expenses. As he continues to work hard training pastors and recruiting Kingdom supporters, you are invited to support Matt in the work God has already prepared for him to do.

Click here to become a Developing Workers partner and begin financially supporting Matt Swartz

We cannot do the work God has called us to without the financial support of our partners. In addition, we continue to covet prayer support as well. We believe that as finances fund the physical requirements of taking the Gospel global, prayer funds the spiritual needs to combat against the enemy.

For this reason, we would love to invite you to pray for Matt in the following ways:

  • For Matt as he meets with Biblica to discuss our partnership and outreach to Portuguese speaking people
  • For Matt as he prepares our launch in South Africa and partnership with Orchard: Africa
  • For our continued training in Mexico
  • That Matt will finish raising his support and lead Foundations Global well
  • For peace in Nicaragua, so we may resume training there
  • For our continued training in Panama and Peru
  • That our trainers can raise the support they need for traveling expenses
  • For pastors and leaders, we’ve trained to multiply disciples for Christ
  • For more trainers to reach more countries
  • For the Great Commission to be finished!

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