Transformation in Kenya

As a Mobilize Medical team heads out, they go knowing they can bring medicine to treat and relieve symptoms, to dress wounds, and to bring comfort.

However, our team preparing now for Kenya was recently reminded by Kelly Ramsland, director of Mobilize, that there is much more entailed in their work.

“We can go and give out medicine, dress wounds, and make them feel good, OR we can also pray for healing of every ailment, wound, pain, and disease – that every unwanted circumstance would be TRANSFORMED; that fear would be defeated in Jesus name; that a spirit of power and revival would sweep through these churches and villages.  

(We pray for) breakthrough from every stronghold, every social situation that needs to be resolved – (that) each violation would be made right; that each trauma would be addressed and laid before the throne, and that restoration and hope would fill their hearts.

(We) pray that each malnourished child we encounter would be fed.  (We) pray that we would have the faith to witness miracles all in the name of Jesus.  But most of all, that they would see and know they are loved by a Savior who gave His life for them.

(We) pray for TRANSFORMATION.”

Our team leaves the States April 22, bound for 2 weeks abroad in Kenya.

Pray with us for the remainder of the preparation, that each team member would be fully-funded and in good health and strength for this journey. 

We ask especially for prayers for our trip leader, Kelly, who recently underwent knee surgery and needs continued prayer for full healing.  

It’s Developing Workers’ desire to come alongside our hosting ministry partners to support and encourage what they are already doing. 

Pastor Wilson, our host in Kenya, also emphasized a great desire for transformation as a result of the time Developing Workers has with his community.

He explains, “Physical transformation is part of well being after (the) sick are attended to by doctors and the medical team.  Spiritual transformation is reaching them through evangelism when they come for treatment.  The outcome will be expecting all people will be holistically transformed… they are struggling in culture, whereby we need them be transformed from their culture to godly culture.”

Will you commit to pray for the transformational work that is done in Kenya from April 22 – May 3?

The work like this done by and through our short-term Mobilize Medical trips is made possible through volunteers and charitable contributions.

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