New Hope - Tanzania

Growing the church in tanzania, Africa

Join us in eradicating the cycle of injustices surrounding the beautiful community of Ketumbeine, Tanzania.

This journey began with rescuing two women from abuse and trafficking. It has evolved into a challenge to end the exploitation of young Masai girls as well as boys in need. Discipling these young people will help them know their value in Christ and grow into who God created them to be. 

Through education, vocational training, and disciplship we aim to equip and empower this generation and the next, making them assets to their families and communities, not liabilities. This approach can break the cycle of exploitation and poverty, creating lasting impact on individuals and entire communities. 

If we don’t all step in to give them a leg up, then who will?

Adopt-a-Goat Initiative

With each $150 donation for a goat, you can join us at New Hope in a unique and sustainable initiative that’s more than just a gift – it’s a step towards transformation. With our “Adopt a Goat” campaign, you’re not just giving a present; you’re nurturing a whole community.

Goats are more than just adorable creatures; they’re key to our sustainability. With just 100 goats, we can generate enough income to cover essential expenses like water and power as these new buildings go up!

Each goat comes with a personalized bell. Choose a name and make your mark at New Hope.

Future site of New Hope church / community center 

Contribute Now

Developing Workers stewards your tax-deductible donations to mobilize ministry throughout the world. Together we can end discipleship poverty!

Contributions to Developing Workers are distributed according to the discretion of the Governing Board and Developing Workers reserves final discretion on allocation for financial donations received.