Are you a person who watches for opportunities to see investments multiply? If you already actively invest in the Kingdom work of Developing Workers or are considering doing so soon, we’ve got great news for you! We have a means to possibly double your donation.

Perhaps you’ve heard of organizations like the Vanguard Group who match the charitable giving of their employees. The good news is, there’s a multitude of employers who offer the same generosity, and now Developing Workers can help you figure out if your employer is one. Is it possible your employer offers a matching gift program?

Simply visit the Developing Workers GIVE page or your personal donor portal today to begin a new gift or recurring monthly gift. In the window prompting, “See if your employer will match your donation,” list your employer’s name. Viola! It’s that simple. If your employer’s name populates, they will honor a matched gift to Developing Workers that doubles whatever total you give at the time.

Check it out today!

Do you want to partner with our ministry as a volunteer trainer, trip participant, or another capacity? Reach out to us today.

Give for the first time online or initiate your own donor portal to continue giving from.

Give again to fund the work of Developing Workers and specific trip participants for this fall.

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