Discipleship Transforms Communities

Our Foundations Director, Matt Swartz, and volunteer trainer, Greg Jones, returned from Nigeria a few weeks ago. It was a busy and full time of training. We are praising God for how He is moving in the lives of ministry leaders there!

Matt and Greg were able to re-connect with 30 leaders that they had trained last year. 25 of those 30 leaders are now implementing discipleship in their local church ministries!  We are celebrating these 25 leaders who are multiplying a disciple-making movement through their church.

Many leaders shared their stories of how they began to practice discipleship. Their testimonies were deeply personal and humbling. Some of them made statements like, “I am only discipling one leader right now…” and we had the opportunity to celebrate this amazing victory! Please pray for these leaders to continue discipling in their local churches and expanding their influence in inviting other pastors to join them. 

Not only were Matt and Greg able to re-connect and pour into the 30 leaders from last year’s training, they were also able to train a new group of 30!

The new group of leaders were so inspiring. They were younger than the first group, and they were all pastors and leaders personally invited to attend the training from the first group! This made for an energetic and highly engaged group. The discussions were lively. The questions were extremely practical. And the hunger for training and connection were evident. The highlight from this group for Matt was the time of prayer at the end of training where they prayed for wisdom and courage to practice disciple making. Would you pray with us that these young leaders would not only be excited about the training, but also be filled with joy as they see the power of discipleship in their personal lives and ministries?

One-on-one Discipleship Multiplies to Communities

Your prayers and financial generosity are transforming communities! For many of these young Nigerian pastors, this was the very first training they have ever received. They are hungry and eager to learn, and they long to see their communities transformed. Thank you for all you do to see this work end discipleship poverty. Without prayer and without resources we cannot continue. The level of spiritual oppression Matt and Greg experienced in Nigeria was intense and real. Your financial gifts and prayers support us, and support the leaders we invest in. Thank you.

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