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Developing Workers to Mobilize Ministry Locally and Globally

Up close, personal, and over time

Developing Workers pours into pastors and ministry leaders through life-on-life encouragement, coaching and development, and the empowerment to live out their specific mission, vision, and values.

Since 2009, Michael Parker, the founder of Developing Workers, has been pouring into ministry leaders throughout Arizona, nearby states, and even overseas. Michael has been coaching and mentoring these leaders at various levels of ministry and life, with the goal of helping them find their calling and better utilize their strengths in their given areas of service.

Your donation to Developing Workers allows us to reach a greater number of ministry leaders so they can own their journey, discover their calling, and impact their world for Jesus Christ. 

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Developing Workers stewards your tax-deductible donations to mobilize ministry throughout the world. Together we can end discipleship poverty!

Contributions to Developing Workers are distributed according to the discretion of the Governing Board and Developing Workers reserves final discretion on allocation for financial donations received.