Request for Individualized Itinerary

  • This form is required to have an extension or revision from the current team trip itinerary. By filling out this form you agree to the requirements below.


    • You will need to purchase your own roundtrip airfare, this airfare will not qualify for a tax receipt by DW/DWG.
    • Please do not purchase your airline tickets until the purchasing for the team has happened as itinerary plans can change until ticketed.
    • Please arrive at the designated airport before the team arrives, meeting the team at the airport.
    • You are required to take one 50-pound team bag with you when you travel to our trip destination if you are leaving from Phoenix, Arizona.
    • Upon return If there are not enough team members returning to Phoenix at the scheduled time we will ask that you cover the cost of your team bag to be returned.
    • Once the team departs for the departure airport you will need to be responsible for all of your own arrangements.
    • The local hosts will not be asked to make accommodation for transport or travel.
    • Your travel and safety is your responsibility after you part from the team, Developing Workers LLC/ Developing Workers Global or our hosts will not be responsible for your travel, lodging, food, water, insurance or safety.
    • It is your full responsibility to manage your ticket and any change fee you might be charged if your ticket needs to be changed due to a trip cancellation or country relocation. Developing Workers, Developing Workers Global, nor the host will be responsible for this ticket or any changes needed at anytime.
    • Please provide a copy of your final flight itinerary to your trip coordinator before travel.
  • Please state the trip you are scheduled to join.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY