Women in Ministry – A Global Perspective

This week, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible work of Onalee Swartz, who has been traveling alongside her husband, Matt Swartz, our Director of Foundations, for the past two years. Together, they develop, equip, and encourage church leaders and pastors worldwide. Onalee’s role has been particularly special, as she has spent quality time with women in the churches they visit, including women leaders and pastors’ wives.

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Onalee to gain insight into her experiences as a woman in global ministry.

Onalee’s approach to ministry is all about making every person feel seen and known. She shared, “When I meet another woman, I make it a point to learn her name correctly, using the phonetic sounds she provides. This small act always brings a genuine smile. I ask thoughtful questions about their family, work, and role in their local church or community service.” This genuine interest has allowed Onalee to forge deep, meaningful connections with women around the globe.

Onalee describes being a woman in global ministry as a glimpse of heaven. She finds immense joy in worshiping, working, and learning alongside women from different cultures. This unity in Christ, despite cultural differences, brings her a profound sense of completeness. However, she is also aware of the cultural dynamics that exist and strives to understand how to serve each culture respectfully. Her ultimate goal is to serve others with love and respect.

Reflecting on her travels with Matt, Onalee shared, “This is the second year I’ve had the opportunity to travel consistently with Matt. It’s a privilege to build relationships with married couples and single global workers. I strive to ask better questions and pray for each partner, ensuring they feel supported and valued in their ministry roles.”

Onalee’s heartfelt dedication to women in ministry is truly inspiring. Her commitment to making each woman feel seen, her passion for cross-cultural unity in Christ, and her efforts to build strong relationships are making a significant impact globally. Let’s support Onalee in her mission by keeping her in our prayers and seeking ways to foster similar connections within our own community.

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