What Discipleship Is – Up Close, Personal & Overtime

This month, we will be diving deeper into what discipleship entails. We believe that discipleship is up close, personal, and over time. Discipleship is about building deep, meaningful relationships that help us grow in our faith and walk closer with Christ. It is a personal journey that unfolds over time, requiring commitment, trust, and a shared passion for living out God’s word.

Take a moment to reflect: Where in your life are you being discipled? Is there someone guiding you, challenging you, and helping you deepen your relationship with God? Discipleship can take on many forms, from a structured Bible study group to informal one-on-one conversations. The key is finding those relationships that push you to grow spiritually and hold you accountable.

If you haven’t already, consider seeking out a discipler. Look for someone whose faith you admire, who embodies the teachings of Jesus in their daily life, and who can offer wisdom and guidance. This person doesn’t have to be perfect—they just need to be willing to walk alongside you on your faith journey, sharing insights and offering support.

Just as important as being discipled is the call to disciple others. Who in your life could benefit from your guidance and support? Mentoring others is a powerful way to reinforce your own faith while helping someone else grow. It can be as simple as regular coffee meet-ups to discuss scripture or a more formal arrangement where you provide structured spiritual guidance.

We encourage each of you to engage in discipleship, whether by seeking a mentor, becoming one, or both. Here are a few steps to get started:

  • Pray for Guidance: Ask God to lead you to the right person who can disciple you or whom you can disciple.
  • Reach Out: Approach potential mentors or mentees with openness and a willingness to grow together.
  • Commit to the Journey: Discipleship is a long-term commitment. Be patient, persistent, and prayerful as you build these relationships.

Let’s grow together in faith, love, and community through the power of discipleship. Remember, discipleship isn’t just a program—it’s a way of life that reflects the heart of Jesus.

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