March 14, 2024 — March 27, 2024

Join us on a transformative mission trip to Bacolod, Philippines where we will be extending a helping hand and bringing hope to underserved communities in the region. Throughout our journey, we will be serving in various remote barangays (i.e. the equivalent of our counties) in Bacolod and Talisay, areas where healthcare resources are scarce, and low-income families struggle to access regular check-ups and medical assistance.

All types of volunteers are needed for this trip – medical and non-medical. 

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More About This Trip

March 14 – March 26, 2024

Cost Estimated at $4,100.00 and includes airfare.

Please note: This is an estimate of the trip cost. We haven’t been able to nail down our flight itinerary yet because of the various locations for our trip plans.  Once we get closer to the trip dates, we’ll be able to solidify the flight cost. In the mean time, please know that the cost may change.

We will be serving in various remote barangays in Bacolod and Talisay, areas where healthcare resources are scarce, and low-income families struggle to access regular check-ups and medical assistance.

Total trip cost is $4,100 per person. 

The deposit for this trip is $300. This is non-refundable. Once we begin ticketing for this trip we will reach out to you and you will need to submit an additional $1200 for ticketing. The exact date for ticketing is not set since it is determined by registrations received and flight pricing.

Each team member is responsible for raising and submitting the necessary donation amount to cover trip costs. All donors will receive a tax receipt for their donation.

The trip total covers costs from the departure airport to the arrival airport, including airfare from Phoenix, food, lodging, water, travel health insurance, t-shirt, training, in-country transport, and translators. Air travel can be customized to depart from your selected airport, added cost to airfare will be the traveler’s responsibility.

All trip funds are due in full 30 days before travel. 

Our goal is to offer 5-6 days of medical clinics to the underserved people in the area and connect them to their local church. 

Our mission is not just about providing medical aid but also about making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we encounter. We will be venturing into the squatter areas near the sea, reaching out to families who are often overlooked and marginalized. In our efforts to bring comfort and relief, we aim to bridge the gap between the community and the local church, using medicine as a powerful tool to foster connections and spread the hope of Jesus.

One of our key initiatives during this mission trip will be the incorporation of our Community Safety Initiative. We recognize that many individuals in these areas might be silently grappling with trauma, abuse, or safety issues. By engaging with the community and sensitively addressing their needs, we hope to provide a safe space for those experiencing these challenges to seek help and healing.

Each team of volunteers serves to provide medical exams, nutritional assessments, deworming, vitamins, dental hygiene instruction, and medicine. Each patient is led through spiritual counseling and has the opportunity to connect with the local church for follow-up and discipleship. Each team consists of doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, students, and VOLUNTEERS.

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