Together on Mission: The Indian Ocean Initiative

We are thrilled to share news about our next big step in partnering with Global Surge to disciple the nations. Since 2019, we have collaborated in Cambodia, translating our Foundations materials into Khmer and hosting several weeks of training led by Matt Swartz and Greg Jones in 2019, 2022, and 2023. This partnership has already borne much fruit, with many pastors and leaders actively implementing the training and witnessing God at work.


We are now entering a bold new phase. Global Surge has invited Developing Workers to join the Indian Ocean Initiative (IOI), a strategic plan to mobilize global workers into every country bordering the Indian Ocean over the next five years. This initiative targets around 2 billion people, many of whom live in regions with very few Christians.


Global Surge’s ambitious goal is to have workers in all 35 of these countries within five years. Developing Workers will play a crucial role in this partnership by:

  • Training Leaders: Once people are on the ground and leaders are identified, we will conduct our Foundations Discipleship training, adapting our materials into the necessary languages.
  • Translating Materials: We are currently working on translating our resources into Arabic, African French, Thai, Burmese, and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  • Providing Partner Care: We will offer ongoing support and care for the global workers being mobilized, ensuring they are well-equipped and encouraged.

This partnership presents a tremendous opportunity for Developing Workers to see new languages translated, recruit new trainers, and support those who are multiplying disciple-making movements across these nations.


As we begin this expansion, we ask for your prayers. Please pray for discernment as we follow God’s plan, and for the multiplication of disciple-making ministries in each of these 35 nations. Additionally, we invite you to support us financially in this ambitious endeavor. Your contributions will help us translate materials, train leaders, and provide care for our global partners.

To donate, click the link here!

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