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Child Safety Initiative

CSI – The Child Safety Initiative Connecting with Kids Globally!

An important facet often included in Developing Workers trips abroad is the Child Safety Initiative. Child safety evaluations are used to help identify children who are caught in the throes of domestic violence or trafficking.

More recently, Developing Workers has grown this ministry to also include CSI training during our visits to local churches and pastors, providing curriculum of on-going counseling and support for children and teens that are struggling due to the exposure of abuse and wounding in their lives.

These tools are aimed at helping the children to see the value of who they are in Christ and to help them see themselves as valued and treasured. CSI helps connect each young person with a Child Champion who can be a safe person for them at any time.

What’s New with the Parkers?

The Parkers started this school year off with 3 kids at Grand Canyon University – a freshman, a junior, and a senior.

Jeremy is a life-leader, discipling other students. Charis is an RA and really giving great Christian leadership to her dorm, in addition to leadership overall. Kendra is a freshman and doing very well. Cassidy is a junior in high school at McClintock, flying solo as a Parker for the first time, doing well in her studies and is on the swim team. The twins Evan and Alexander are in second grade and have assimilated to school, receiving good behavior reports and are doing well in educational processes.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are a busy family. Also, will you pray for Kendra and Cassidy? They have been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and in addition to that, Cassidy has a cardiac virus. We are in a learning curve of a gluten-free diet and understanding how to care for each of them.

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