A Prayer for Your Pastor

Developing workers is continuously pouring into pastors and church leaders so that they might run the races to earn the prize. We are loving on them, praying for them, and challenging them to truly live a life worthy of the gospel. Prayer is an essential piece to continually build a hedge of protection around our pastors. Lifting them up and doing spiritual warfare with them and for them. Would you consider taking time to pray this prayer for them?

This beautiful passage from Philemon reminds us of the profound impact our pastors have on our lives and the lives of others in our community. Their unwavering faith, boundless love, and dedication to sharing the word of God are sources of inspiration and comfort to us all.


>> How often do you pray for your church leaders and pastors?

>> How do you pray for them?

  • Pray for their character
  • Pray for their family
  • Pray for their love for Jesus

Consistent prayer for our pastors not only supports them but also strengthens our own faith and community.

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